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Welcome to Trinity,

A special message from our Pastor about the re-opening of our church
for in person worship. Click the link below.
Re-opening for worship

Trinity’s doors are scheduled to open for in-person worship services
on Sunday, June 21! Details are included in the VOT.


Food Pantry update.

The Trinity Food Pantry distribution is now scheduled for
Monday, July 27 from 11:00pm – 2:00pm
The distribution will be a mobile distribution.


Trinity’s Faith Practices in Regards to COVID-19 Update

Dear Trinity family and friends, Here are our worship plans going forward:

We will not be having open worship services through the rest of May, but will continue with our online worship.

We are hoping that we will be able to resume open worship services in early June.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Sunday Aug. 2nd, 2020 video service

Service Aug. 2nd, 2020

Food for Thought


Sunday, August 2, 2020
Read Matthew 14:13-21

Now here is a situation we can relate to these days.  The disciples are surrounded by thousands of people in need of healing, compassion, and, right at the moment, food.  The disciples are overwhelmed. Then Jesus says to them “These people are hungry, and you can feed them.”  The disciples look at what they have to give in the face of all this need and think, “There’s no way we can take care of all this!”  Many of us are feeling the same way, overwhelmed by the situation in our country today: people suffering from the COVID19 virus; hundreds of years of racial injustice bursting to the surface; long months of quarantine causing chaos for schools, hospitals, businesses, families.  And here we are with “five loaves and two fish” worth of help to offer.  Jesus, what can we do?  Our Lord says, “Give me what you have to offer.” The rest is a miracle. In the midst of our country’s chaos, what are you willing to contribute to help Jesus miraculously heal our great need?

  • Has God ever done a “loaves and fishes” miracle in your life at a time when you had nothing left and God provided? What happened? Remember each detail, thanking God for each one.
  • Ask yourself this: “If I give my very best efforts to help Jesus do a miracle to heal our country, can I trust Him to provide?”

God’s Word for This Week
Let God’s word help you to trust God and do your best for Him

Monday, August 3                               Hebrews 13:5-6
Tuesday, August 4                              1 Corinthians 10:13
Wednesday, August 5                         Luke 6:37-38
Thursday, August 6                            Psalm 28:7
Friday, August 7                                 Acts 18:7-11
Saturday, August 8                             Luke 12:27-31

Pastor Robert and Pastor Janis

Your VOT team

Please Note:
We plan to continue our in-person worship services for now, on Sundays at 9:00 am and 11:00 am.


Trinity is a servant church in the heart of Riverside/Avondale area of Jacksonville led by God’s amazing grace to love, accept and forgive one another, and all people, in the name of Jesus Christ.


A community of faith...

Jesus Christ is Lord
Everyone is Welcome
Love is Changing People


A growing congregation...

A Clear Purpose and Mission
An Openness to Change
Strong Lay Leadership


A heritage rich church...

90 Years of History
A Beautiful Sanctuary
Active Community Involvement

New Here?

Whether you live in the area or passing through, in need of a spiritual fix or looking for a church home, your presence is a blessing to us.

Members of Trinity Lutheran Church range in age from 103 years young to just a few months old. We welcome diversity and encourage fresh thinking.

We find immense joy in serving with our brothers and sisters in the fields of the Lord. There is so much to do and we are invigorated God has challenged us with the honor of serving Him and all of His creation.

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Worship Schedule

Sunday Worship Schedule
9:00 AM / Contemporary
11 AM / Traditional
Be sure to check the calendar or News Flash on Home Page for changes.
On special occasions we have one 10 AM service.


The pantry will open in late June or early July one day a week for mobile distribution. (Dates TBA)



Come Visit Us

If you have any questions about Trinity Lutheran Church or what we believe, please get in touch with us. We would love to connect with you.