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Quilting on Monday mornings and all are invited to come and join the fun.  Free lessons are available!
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Update from Honduras!
Friends and Family,

 Hola.  Estamos aqui!  (Hello.  We are here!)  We made it to Honduras safely.  After a very interesting landing at the airport in Tegucigalpa, Gretchen White should be nominated for saint hood, we loaded the buses and headed up to the Mission House.  The Mission House is beautiful and located on the side of a mountain.  The views here day and night are absolutely spectacular.  We spent Saturday unloading, unpacking, and learning our way around.  We had an orientation where we learned more about the Hondurans and their beautiful country along with the rules of the house.  They taught us some basic Spanish and that hugs and air kisses are better than handshakes, even with people you are meeting for the first time.  So us Lutherans are getting some different lessons in personal space.  We had our first sharing time where we learned more about each other including how and why we each got to Honduras and what we are all afraid of for the week.  Just so you know, it turns out that Evangelism is much scarier than large spiders, scorpions, blood, or dead things.  We learned our team assignments and the members of our team are either on the A Team or the B Team with members of the other 2 groups.  Then it was off for well needed showers and some much needed rest. 

Sunday started with devotion time for those of us who were up too early.  It was beautiful to watch the sun rise from the back porch and the mist drift over the mountains.  After a quick breakfast, we loaded our buses and were off.  Each team headed first to a park that had beautiful views of the city.  (Please 1 is of Team B and picture 3 is of Team A.)  We then had a short shopping opportunity where we got to see beautiful handmade baskets, hammocks, bags, bracelets, etc.  Then we were off to two different churches.  One church was a small building that was huddled amongst some houses.  The people all greeted us warmly.  There were lots of opportunities to use the handshake, air kiss, and hug sequence we had been taught the day before in orientation.  The service was contemporary and the people were so filled with the Holy Spirit.  It was different than at home, yet the songs and sentiments were so familiar.  God was definitely with us in that small church.  The other team attended an even more evangelical service and were treated to 3 (not just 2 like us) sermons and dancing by the beautiful Honduran children.  (Please see picture 2.)  We were all blessed to be a part of these moving services and be with these people and God in this way.  After church we had lunch at El Patio, a restaurant in downtown Tegulcigalpa.  We got to sample amazing local food and enjoy further getting to know each other.  Our afternoon was spent returning to the Mission House, loading trucks for the brigade sites tomorrow, and counting pills.  We can tell you after counting all of those pills that you should really appreciate your local pharmacy staff.  Our evening will consist of dinner followed by Evangelism Training. 

Please know that we are all doing well and enjoying getting to know each other better as well as the those here from the other two teams.  Thank you all for supporting us so that we can have this opportunity to grow in our spirituality and have this opportunity to do God's work.  There will be more updates to follow.  Bendiciones!  (Blessings!)

"Animate: Practices" - Congregational Study Series for Lent

This congregational study series for Lent led by our Young Adult Bible Study group is an opportunity to refresh our spiritual practices, the habits which help us come closer to God and to be more like Him. The series begins on Wednesday, February 25th at 6:30 p.m. in the Cecil Poole room and continues on Wednesday evenings on March 4th, 11th, and 18th.

CEW Spaghetti Dinner - Thursday, March 5th

Our annual CEW Spaghetti dinner to benefit the Riverside Children’s Enrichment Workshops will be held on Thursday, March 5th at Trinity. This is always a fun evening with the best spaghetti in town! Musical entertainment will be provided by students. Tickets are on sale through the church office and from Pastor Robert. Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for children (4-12). Dinner is served from 5:30 - 7 p.m. Take-outs may be picked up beginning at 5 p.m. Support is being provided by Thrivent Financial Services.


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